Hotel overview

Tuscany is surely one of the most appreciated and visited regions of Italy. Its history, its life-style, its landscapes deserve a boutique hotel as starting point, that has to live up the highest expectations for your holiday in Tuscany and Italy.  

The Palazzetto Rosso is located in a very old building completely made of bricks, and was most likely a locanda, meaning that it already hosted travelers during the Middle Age, as Tuscany was an intense trade and business center in Europe. The Palazzetto Rosso’s brick façade’s lay out follows multiple shapes such as large ribs and geometrical patterns, skillfully organized upon old planning regulations dated from the Middle Age, and distinctive to Siena. This outstanding historical façade is completed by ensigns and flares made of wrought iron and dated from the Middle Age as well.

When entering the Hotel, our guests will find the enthusiasm of our young team at the front desk in a fully bricked vaulted room. Passing through another arch, our guest will discover a large room with massive brick walls decorated with antiques from various time that have been collected by the previous owner who happened to be an antique dealer. The vaulted ceiling is 6 meter high (about 20 feet) and displays decorative paintings of coats of arms of Siena’s allies’ towns that have been maintained and modernized over time.

The extra large floor tiles in gray shades from the Italian mARTerial firm 14 Ora Italiana and the hip design furniture give the contemporary design bit of the Palazzetto Rosso: bistro style tables in black or white – Siena’s official tones- signed by fabulous designer Luca Nichetto for Casamania, 3D chairs and armchairs in several bright colors and black Zippo banquettes from Pedrali’s designers, the enlighten iceberg white bar by renowned designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci for Pedrali, Kant bar stools by fashionable designer Karim Rashid for Casamania, and for the breakfast buffet and afternoon snacks, the large bright red N7 table in its origami style by the promising young designerNovayr Khachatryan for Casamania. Lighting is done by lights gurus designers Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina for Artémide, what else.


cross this majestic room, our guests will find a monumental staircase built entirely in bricks, that leads to the rooms… The stairs have been molded in history by the passing of the thousand souls across the last centuries… Everyone would be deeply moved by this masterpiece of time… A well made of sculpted stones on a rim and topped by a finely wrought iron piece is elegantly lying on the staircase. A little further, three steps higher, framed by two touching statues representing the she-wolves and the baby twin brothers Remus and Romulus, our guests can find the modern comfort of an elevator…

Palazzetto Rosso will let you experience a special stay going beyond the classical overnight in a “Tuscan hotel”: it’s modernity and history which merge together in a unique feeling, that will make your holiday in a Hotel in Siena, a memorable stay.