Hotel Palazzetto Rosso

Via dei Rossi, 38-42
53100, Siena (SI)

Te. +39 0577 236197
Fax +39 0577 280907


HOTEL T S.r.l.
Via Martiniana 325/B
41126 – MODENA (MO)
P.IVA: 03504170360


Although the hotel is located in the middle of the old city of Siena, it is possible to get to the hotel by car. To prevent any administrative sanction, please remember that the access to the historic center is only allowed by the gate “Porta Ovile”. Access via other gates is absolutely prohibited; in case of a fine the hotel is not responsible. We recommend setting “via Simone Martini” in yout GPS Navigator, and call the hotel reception as soon as You get near Siena. Our chauffeur can take care of your car upon arrival and reserve a secured parking place during your stay at the Palazzetto Rosso.

Download the pdf file, containing detailed drivers indications.

DRIVERS INDICATIONS – arrival from Florence

DRIVERS INDICATIONS – arrival from Rome

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