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Arte fresca, non toccare! – Buonconvento


At Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Ricci Socini in Buonconvento, a personal exhibition dedicated to Gianfranco Morini, great ceramist from the city of Faenza. It will be shown 30 works. The title “Arte fresca, non toccare!” (“Wet art, don’t touch!”), drawn by the yard language during work in progress, denotes the totally desecrating ironic approach with whom Morini faces the art and the life itself.

He makes an implicit critic to the solemnity of many mechanisms of contemporary art system and, at the same time, a poetic aim that does not admit a distinction between popular and aristocratic culture.

A special occasion to enjoy the awesome medieval village of Buonconvento.

FROM 16/09/15 TO 01/10/15


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