Siena, Cinta senese and Fiorentina Steak. Where meats is quality

The gastronomic wealth of Siena and its territory is known all over the world. Crossing her fantastic roads drawn along the hills, we discover a wild luxuriant countryside, had also been cultivating for centuries and centuries in the sign of the respect of the farmer for the land. The wheat, the grapevine, the olive, but also the breeding of animals offer high quality products, perfectly exalted by  the Sienese cooking.

A name above all: the Cinta Senese. This white and black pig painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti is still the king of typical Tuscan meat dishes in Siena. He is characterized by a dark coat and a white belt at the level of the thorax. His natural habitat is the Montagnola Senese, a very green area because of its oak woods, perfect for the wild grazing of swine. Cinta Senese pork is a breed who really risked the extinction, saved only 20 years ago with the institution of the Consortium of Guardianship of Cinta Senese, which also became DOP brand in 2012. It is a pork meat with a vivid red color, tasty more savory and deeper than the common one. With it are also produced amazing cured meats like salamni, ham, lard and porchetta, which never miss in the plenty of Siena’s territory Osteria.


Anyway, if Cinta pork is the king of Sienese meat dishes, the queen is with no doubts the Fiorentina steak. This special cut, born in Florence, is one of the most famous dish of Tuscan and national cooking tradition. It is about first quality vitellone or scottona meat, preferably from Chianina, cut with the bone, minimum 5 cm, done rare. The taste, the tender consistence and also the beauty make it an unmissable typical dish  during a visit in Tuscany and Siena. A great number of good restaurants highlight the Fiorentina steak quality.    

It is not over yet. Meat is from ages a central element in Sienese culture, in the most typical kitchen you can find many other simple but delicious dishes: ossobuco (veal shanks), peposo (peppered stew), fegatelli (liver balls), scottiglia (casserole of many meats) and any kind of roast meat. Try to imagine all these marvelous dishes accompanied by the greatest Tuscan wines: Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano. Very hard to resist.

Hotel Palazzetto Rosso is located in the heart of Siena’s medieval center, it is perfect to discover all the best restaurants, Osteria and local shops where to get the amazing delicious products of Sienese food and wine tradition. The staff is always ready to help and suggest in this gastronomic journey, another good reason to fall in love with Siena. 


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