Christmas and New Year’s eve 2023 in Siena

A special occasion for visit Siena, is surely the period of Christmas. For those who is going to be in the city these weeks, will have the opportunity to have available, besides the symbol places in Siena, a time table of events really rich, suitable for all ages and tastes.

For the whole month of December and up to the “Epifania” (the Twelfth Night), Siena turns into a place of festivities and entertainment taking inspiration from Christmas in all its forms.


While a little train brings you around the streets and in the most beautiful squares in town, it is to the “Giardini della Lizza” that we enter an atmosphere that remembers the most beautiful Christmas traditions. From the ice rink open till up to late night for romantic vaultings, to the market where you can find craftsmanship and local delicacies, up to the attractions of the "country of the amusement" where adults and children can have a good time him in the "playground" wintery (not to be missed the panoramic tower where you will see Siena from an unique point of view)

But it is in the FORTEZZA MEDICEA that Santa Claus finds his home.
Within one of the most beautiful monuments of Siena, a truly evocative village has been recreated. From the post office of the Elves from where to send the letters with their own wishes, to the barn where reindeers rest before the trip that will take their sled across the world, from the Christmas factory to the toy workshop. And if all this makes you hungry you cannot stop in one of the stands where you can taste sweetness and delicacies. It is impossible, then, to not visit the Ice Queen who will warm you up with her stories and novels.

Finally, Santa Claus awaits you in the hall of his Throne where you can tell him that you were good and deserves his visit at midnight on December 25th.


But the Christmas of Siena doesn’t finish here. The city becomes a real open air museum. In the streets, avenues and squares will be allocated very fascinating artistic installations with a common theme more spiritual and more related to the city, such as the sculpture of the SOLE INVITTO in Piazza del Duomo, artwork that recalls the 17 districts of the city. In addition to this you can admire the comet star in Piazza del Campo, the nativity scenes in the Cortile del Podestà (Palazzo Public) or under the Logge del papa (a few steps from Piazza del Campo) and many other events that you can simply discover by walking through our streets.

And then the New Year's night arrives. On this special night the main element will be undoubtedly the music. Lots of events to enjoy outdoors, each dedicated to a different kind of music. The party begins in the afternoon of the 31st with the touring concert of the Bandainos and their Brazilian percussions. In the Piazza del Mercato you can dance swing, in the fortress dance music and club , in Piazza Indipendenza fusion between South American and electronic music, in Piazza Tolomei you dive into the Caribbean rhythms and in the Teatro dei Rinnovati they recreate an Argentinean milonga. Everything to surround the great concert in Piazza del Campo. After that we dance until late at night..


The events continue until the 6th January where, again in Piazza del Campo, the "acrobatic" Epiphany festival will take place, organized with the presence of the local fire brigade.

Palazzetto Rosso is waiting to welcome you in this truly magical period and reminds you of its offers ( to better organize your stay in Siena!


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