Palazzetto Rosso a boutique hotel in Tuscany

Palazzetto Rosso: Boutique hotel Tuscany

With the new century people expectations for hotels are grown up strongly, causing the rise of a new category of hotel, born to satisfy these new needs: boutique hotels.
Does it exist a correct definition for this kind of hotels? Palazzetto Rosso could be taken as perfect example, in fact, from its renovation, it can be considered the first boutique hotel in Siena, setting its sight on the main aspect of this kind of hotel, the combination between design, services and atmosphere.
Let’s start talking about design. Any room is thought to be unique, because of the choice of extraordinary furnishings placed in a marvelous location, mixing modernity and antiquity incomparably. Along the floors of Palazzetto Rosso shine wooden beams and old medieval walls which contrast harmoniously with plenty if design furnishings made by the top designer in the world. Welcomed in our suites, you would enjoy a stay surrounded by high-level stuff like the table Around by Thomas Bentzen, the sofa Elisabette by Sam Baron, the lamps Tolomeo and Terra by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina. You couls fix your clothes in the luggage-wardrobe by Maarten De Ceulaer and your things on the multicolor shelf by Saletti. Looking out the window you could admire all the main monuments of Siena, from Torre del Mangia to Facciatone. A collection of architectonic jewels which fill up your eyes and your soul.

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The second characteristic which contribute to make a boutique hotel is the atmosphere, obtained summing all the services: furnishings, location, customized service, attitude and professionality of the staff. All this creates a feeling of familiarity, keep maintaining the luxury. In the boutiques hotels you do not stay, you live an emotion you will never forget. At Palazzetto Rosso this atmosphere is rich of intimacy and cordiality.

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Last but not least, the service. The difference between a good experience and an exceptional one is made just by the service. An excellent service is determined by the quality and the skill of the staff. Here, it knows in advance the needs of the guest, understanding whne they want and how they want it, proposing something a second before the customers ask for it. We are ready to satisfy any request, as testified by the feedbacks of our guests.


The mix of all these aspects defines a boutique hotel (Tuscany’s boutique hotel in this case): a location full of beauty and charme where the guest fell special, where they want to come back and about what they talk and remember.


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